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VazztCaster SetupClick on the photo above to check out another blog detailing VazztCaster’s streaming capabilities.

The popularity of live streaming is growing each year, and there are many offerings for streaming video these days.  So much is offered by many vendors, it can be confusing to know what you can do with your production, unless you create an account and take the site’s tour of available features.

Sites like Ooyala, Ustream, Brightcove and Livestream can offer capture features like editing, analytics and more, but what about broadcasting your live stream easily and smoothly?

Our VazztCaster software has capabilities that eliminate bandwidth worries with some much-desired, sophisticated technology features for both capture and broadcast.

Viewers can easily access a concise playlist of producers’ “shows/events.” Producers can make their events available for pay-per-view (PPV), and create paid subscriptions for a multiple list of events with a ticketing feature. This is done using PayPal, safely and securely.

From a tech perspective, VazztCaster allows you to stream video from a major cloud service to your viewers, which eliminates issues with server overload.  Vazzt is available 24/7, with no single point of failure.

Big Points:

  • Immediate streaming with 24/7 server availability (no set-up).
  • Create playlists of upcoming channel events
  • Monetize your events using a Premier or Business PayPal account.
  • Create PPV and paid subscriptions with one-ticket fees covering multiple events

Expert technology ensures optimal stream capture and broadcast:

  • Enable higher quality video and better coverage with multi-network bonding
  • Ensure smooth streaming with FEC, acceleration, load balancing, and  adaptive bitrate encoding

Check out how easy it is to start streaming. Sign up now at

Streaming is growing. Did you know that even the 2012 Summer Olympics will be streamed live?

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