Find the HD 1080i Sweet Spot

When sending compressed video over a network, there is a general area to aim for, economically and from a visual and audio standpoint. After a number of field trials with a major carrier this fall, we’ve determined a sweet spot range for both economy and quality. Today’s rule of thumb is for compression to be applied to a 1080i video stream with delivery on bandwidth at less than 10 Mbps.

We use encoders in live streaming coverage products that appear to yield that happy place – a sweet spot – within a range between three to eight Mbps, though many factors surely affect these results.

As purveyors of this cutting edge technology, our in-house product is the IBIS DMNG – a digital mobile news, pocket-sized wireless camera system for video professionals, available for use wherever there is wireless service. As part of our Vazzt VOTM Pro System, it is built for when you’re on the road. It will deliver a 1080i stream in the sweet spot.  A cameraperson attaches the IBIS Appliance to his/her camera and you’re ready to roll. With its friendly touch screen technology, quality and clarity are easily within reach.



The IBIS uses 3G/4G aircards to create a bonded network path from the live camera feed to the Central Hub, where the video feed is received into an EdgeSpan Appliance and processed by the IBIS Studio Software. Up to four simultaneous camera feeds can be handled by a 1-rack unit EdgeSpan, which can then output in SDI format any one of the four feeds. It has an intercom (Interruptable Feed Back, IFB, feature), a tally light to alert the cameraperson and the reporter when they are live on-air, a memory card slot, and Ethernet port to off-load locally captured video files to a laptop for field editing, and it can transmit edited files back to the Central Hub.

With today’s increasing bandwidth of 3G and 4G networks, portable production studios can easily jump on advanced HD technologies and get the benefits.

Read the full article by KenCast Inc. CEO Bill Steele:

What Do We Mean Today When We Say HD at 1080i?

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