Bonding 3G & 4G and WiFi with KenCast Products

When using bonded 3G/4G networks, you need flexibility to find, use and pay for only the wireless bandwidth you need, and to get exactly the redundancy you need.

KenCast has 5 products for live streaming coverage ( that all use bonded 3G/4G networking, one of which is the IBIS device with our partner, AVIWEST.  KenCast’s VazztCaster software provides local real-time graphics that let you see how each 3G/4G network in the bonded pipe is performing and allows hot-swap removal/addition of USB modems with continuous live streaming.  Users of the IBIS Device and the VazztCaster program can select/change which modems to bond in real time without unplugging the modems or pausing the streaming.  They can also plug in modems for additional bandwidth without pausing the streaming.  Adaptive Bitrate Encoding enables the live stream to continue during & after hot swaps.

The IBIS and VazztCaster do not come with a fixed USB modems configuration.  They automatically detect the modems you select and set appropriate default parameters, which can be manually over written.  Therefore you can operate with one set of 3G/4G modems in one location (e.g.,USA) and dynamically switch to a totally different set at another location (e.g., Europe orAsia).  We build and regularly update automatic detection modules in the IBIS and VazztCaster detection libraries for the USB modems from the manufacturers who sell to the carriers.  For cards we have not yet added to our library on the IBIS and VazztCaster, you can manually configure them.  Latency is also configurable.

You can try these features online at no cost with the VazztCaster by creating a Producer’s Free Channel at

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