To Bond or Not To Bond

I’ve been witnessing the debate happening in the social networks regarding whether Network Bonding is actually beneficial or not, and can’t help but think of the numerous experiences I’ve had where Network Bonding was not only beneficial but a requirement. 

When people ask me what wireless network carrier is the best, I always have to answer “well, it depends….”.  It depends on where you are, it depends on what type of card you have, it depends on what type of latency you expect, it depends on the thousands of other people fighting for the same bandwidth as you.  I would never say a particular network is better than another – but I always say it’s best to have all the networks available to you.

I’ve been rather impressed with Verizon’s LTE upload speed, but even over it’s short life-span, I’ve noticed the upload speeds drop.  As more users consume more bandwidth and stream more video, the wireless networks are going to be more constrained.  The simple fact is no network will ever guarantee low latency guaranteed bandwidth.  If they did they could be charging satellite transmission rates (

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Live Video Streaming, Network Bonding

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